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MUST KEEP GOING is an introspective march through the monotony of grief and the resilience of hope. With electronic pop beats, lush synths, and poignant vocals, WIFEY, extracts the glitter from the gloom in three songs.


released April 30, 2019

All lyrics and music by Vanessa Reseland
Additional music on Pretty Baby by Christopher Pappas

Produced by Christopher Pappas and Vanessa Reseland
Recorded at The Office in Los Feliz and Merzy B Studios in Hollywood


all rights reserved



WIFEY Los Angeles, California

WIFEY is the musical project from actor and musician, Vanessa Reseland.

Formerly performing live with a 4-piece band, WIFEY has gone solo for the 2019 EP, Must Keep Going.

WIFEY first performed in New York City in 2012.
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Track Name: Pretty Baby
I know you didn't ask for this
I know that this has come as
Quite a shock to you
I know you didn't ask for this
Not for this

I know it's quite a lot to hold
It's comfy and it's easy
When you start to crawl
But if you want to learn to walk
You're bound to fall

But Pretty Baby
I'll catch you when I can
Baby some things
Are out of my Hands
Sweet Baby
There's a burden to bear
But Baby
It's a burden we share*

I could teach you lots of things
But there are certain questions
No one's answering
So how to puzzle pieces fit
When they're missing

It's far too late to sort it out
So wait until the morning
Then we'll talk about
The things that seem to keep you up
When the sun goes down


Hold onto me
Hold onto me

Now I might not know what to say
But you're in need of something
That will ease the pain
And I wish I could be the one
To take it away

Track Name: Spitting Image
Your differences insult you
But you take it the wrong way
She says
You came out really well this time
His Spitting Image

Who's got the better track record
Of the two of us
Who says the lens
Can be trusted over the eye
If I stare straight into the kaleidoscope
Can I see what's going
Through your mind

We both have a job to do
You fall short in these comparisons
But you suffer with the rest of us
Sad, familiar faces

You don't care until you let it break you down
You can't find your way out of your head
And I don't believe you ever wanted to
The outside is far too common

What's the word
What's the word for you
You're covered in psychological tattoos
A thousand times a thousand inscribed
Til you can't see what you look like

So where are you when I need you most
Confirming my suspicions
If you leave me all alone this time
I'm bound to get viscious

Cuz This time I can't let you suck me in again
This time I am trying to be good
Last time seemed to suit me too perfectly
And I think you knew it would
Track Name: Shark Song
When a shark stops swimming
She can't catch her breath
But it's too hard for her to pinpoint
Her restlessness
Just knows if she stops
She will soon meet her death
And so
She goes

You say kid it's a marathon
It's not a sprint
So pace yourself early
See how far you get
But there's no guarantee sir
That we'll finish it
And so
I go

I think that we called it a triumph
And when it all crashes and burns
We must keep going
Cuz if there's a second to think
The rug's pulled from under my feet
And I'm scared I'm going down

There's no looking back
Once it's all disappeared
So pack the essentials
Get the hell out of here
And don't say goodbye
If you can't stop the tears
That flow
Just go

I think that we called it a triumph
And when it all crashes and burns
We must keep going
With a heavy heart...
With a heavy heart
And start

And once in a while
It'll sneak up and seem
A long-distant life
Just appeared in a dream
Be sure to treat those moments
When you ask
Where'd you go

I think that we called it a triumph
And when all the damage is done
It looks so empty
And how can we hope to hang on
When what's gone still haunts you
And all of the cracks you can't see
Run deep inside you

Sing whoa
Cuz if there's a second to think
The rug's pulled from under our feet
And I know we're going down

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